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Drop off or mail us your videotapes and we'll transfer them to DVD and return your originals and a DVD disk. The content is not edited, simply transferred directly to DVD-R disks. All you have to do is choose which DVD package you want. Tape formats that we support are: Mini-DV (digital camcorder), Regular8 (mm), Hi8, Digital8, High Definition (HDV), VHS and VHS-C. Professional formats include 3/4 Umatic and BetaSP.

Video Rates

$28 for up to one and one half hours of video on tape digitally transferred to DVD (Exact quality match to the tape). Includes: Premium Blank DVD-R Disc, Main Menu, Chapters at regular intervals, label printed directly on disc surface, and a protective envelope with Chapter Index on back. $0.30 per videotape minute for 91 to 1200 aggregate minutes of all tapes price breakdowns.

For TOTAL video time on ALL tapes submitted for transfer. To preserve maximum video quality, we will split tapes that are longer than 90 minutes over two DVDs (Part 1 and Part 2).

Film Transfer

Drop off or mail us your 8mm or 16mm (silent or sound) film reels and we'll digitally transfer them to Mini-DV tape(s) and return your originals and the digital tape(s) after the transfer. We can also make an additional direct transfer from the digital tape(s) to DVD(s), or custom edited DVD(s) -- eliminate blank or damaged images, change the order of different segments, add musical backgrounds, titles, narration, menus and chapters, etc. You can preview your transferred footage for free on our equipment, or on any DV camcorder if you are working with us remotely.


AUDIO DUPLICATION SERVICES We digitally record, clean, and remaster onto CD, audio DVD or any file format.(Professional Audio Capture Card and Remastering Software) You may also incorporate any audio source into photo shows and video production DVDs. See more

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